Bye bye baby weight?

Made up Mama

I’ve decided that it’s time to give the pregnancy weight the heave ho. It’s either that or I’ll need to break out my 34 week pregnant with twins clothes again in a year because of my biscuit/chocolate/pretzel/peanut butter baby.

I have two aids:

1) A newspaper is following me over 10 weeks and if I don’t lose any weight I’ll look like a prize, fat, melon

2) I’ve bought some ‘Lean Greens’ which, I’m told, will make me super healthy and not crave junk food. With a name like that I also hope that they’ll give me muscles like Popeye.

I went for my ‘before’ (aka fat) shots for the newspaper yesterday. I came home still made up from the shoot and mummy exclaimed, “Wow, you look healthy and vibrant.” There’s a backhanded compliment if ever there was one. Having uncovered my face using baby wipes I’m back to looking malnourished and exhausted.

Unfortunately the ‘Lean Greens’ haven’t arrived yet so I was powerless to resist the triple chocolate chip cookies that I wolfed down after my chocolaty breakfast cereal this morning. You should expect to see me in the National Press in around 11 weeks featuring in an article on how not to diet.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye baby weight?

  1. Hello Emily,

    How are you? I just found your blog – didn’t know you are blogging too. How fantastic. Will I see you on Wednesday at the HQ? I Might come earlier, as I am going to see the Octanauts Live with the boys. How are you getting on with everything? I am craving cake and biscuits, but I just had a very motivating talk to Nikki Waterman.

    Nadine x

    • Motherdoubled

      Hi Nadine,

      Great to hear from you. I’ve just started blogging. Yours looks absolutely fabulous. I look forward to exploring it properly when the girls go to bed.

      Unfortunately I’m not sure I can make it on Wednesday as I’m struggling for a babysitter.

      The diet’s going well, thanks. Although I’m completely with you re. the cakes and biscuits! I went out for a meal today and everyone else had massive meals whilst I had a salad. Hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end, though.

      Do you have personalised exercise plan yet?

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