Back to Sleep Nightmare


I’ve spent hours on my belly encouraging the twins to embrace tummy time, lest they be stunted by their violent hate of it. I’ve even come up with tummy time songs. So imagine my joy when Twin 2 learnt to roll, and not just any roll – back to front! – at the tender age of three months, corrected.

Yet imagine how quickly joy turned to horror when I saunter into the bedroom one evening and see her sleeping on her front. Good god! Has the girl never heard of the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign? We turn the scamp back – surely it’s just a momentary lapse of judgement on her part. Seconds later she starts to whimper and stops only when she’s flipped herself back, now sleeping on more of her face (the breathing bits) than when we started.

Cue frantic Google searches by Mummy to halt Mama’s plans to take it in shifts watching Twin 2 breathe through the night until she’s at least a year old.There is relief as we hear that she should be fine. If she has the ability to roll over then she should have the reflexes to stop herself suffocating. We just need to make sure that there are no blankets that can obstruct her airways – all is well, she’s in a sleeping bag; there’s nothing but Twin 2 in her cot – all good on that count; and the temperature is correct – we glance up at the thermometer and relief turns to horror when we see it’s glowing a dangerous shade of red (in bloody October!?). We may as well put a rattle snake in the bed with her!

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