A Letter To Twin 2

Twin 2, I hope you don’t hate that we gave you an androgynous name.

I worry that in the four months you have been alive I have felt the need to search for your name on the Office of National Statistics’ website. I am now armed with, and vindicated by, the knowledge that more than double the number of girls were given your name last year than boys were.

I’m sure that when you are no longer bald people will stop saying, “Oh, I thought you had two girls,” when we tell them your name.

When we announced your name, whilst you were still in Mama’s tummy, an older relative had a vision of the future. They suggested that a hypothetical parent, of a hypothetical playmate, may be horrified when you turn up at their house for tea and are a girl. We’re not sure what boy only food they are hypothetically serving (Yorkies?) that would make this is problem. If it comes true, and you end up starving one night at a friend’s house, I apologise.

In hindsight it was probably a little foolhardy to give your sister sole rights to the pink clothes. When it became apparent that every stranger we meet will assume that you are a boy too much time had passed, so although we did try you in some of your sister’s outfits it just didn’t look right. You should know that we are now going as girly as possible, without infringing on Twin 1’s individuality, but apparently everything that is not pink is for boys. Perhaps it will help you to know that you were challenging gender stereotypes at the tender age of 0?

Really, though, I’m sorry that you have to grow up in a world where the average Joe can’t imagine a little girl in clothes with crocodiles and whales on. You rocked aquatic animal wear. I can assure you that if you bring home a boy named Sue we will still feed him dinner, even if it has to be served on pretty pink plates that we purchased especially for the occasion.

You should know that we stuck with the name not out of stubbornness, but because we really love it. And when we can still tell you and Twin 1 apart in baby photos and we’re showing the most embarrassing ones to your new girlfriend or boyfriend you’ll thank us for dressing you differently.


4 thoughts on “A Letter To Twin 2

  1. PT

    Dear Twin 2 – don’t forget to remind your Mama that you have (and probably will always have) a say in how your future shapes up… and it’ll be more about how you perceive yourself than how people perceive you!! You have the lead – ALWAYS!!!! Enjoy. 😉

    • Motherdoubled

      Hi PT. Thank-you:-) I am already showing my mummies that I have a mind of my own. I don’t like nap times or my car seat. I do like blowing bubbles and sleeping on my front. Twin 2

  2. Ahh this is such a great letter to twin 2. Don’t worry names are names and we all want to pick the best one for our child. I am an expat and spelled my kids names as we would in america and its different in the uk so I feel bad that they have to correct people the rest of their lives. lol I think names outside the box are better and more unique anyways. I wish I had gone more unique. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Motherdoubled

      Thanks so much Jenny. I think you’re right – we just want to pick the best names for our children, and the only way you can really do that is to follow your heart. Loving Share With Me – such a fab idea, and so many great posts to read.

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